UA and Refugees

These posts cover the work on refugees and UA. This work began in Dallas in 2014, where I was head of a small team mapping and implementing community gardens in the city to support the large resettled refugee community in the city. The work here also covers the work in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, 2015-2018 which led to the development of home gardens and market gardens in several refugee camps. The work is still on going under the name of the Lemon Tree Trust.

Gallery of refugee gardens, Kurdistan

One of the main aims of the Lemon Tree Trust was to support home gardens for refugees. Below are a selection of images that show the wide range…

UA and Refugees

Films: urban agriculture and refugee camps in northern Iraq

These films made in 2016 and 2017, explores how various aspects of urban agriculture, from home gardens to market gardens help transform the refugee camp and enrich the…

UA and Refugees

Press: Gardens of Hope

Article published in Gardens Illustrated, Caroline Beck (2018) “Gardens of Hope” explores the work of the Lemon Tree Trust in Northern Iraq. Article available here. 

Academic and publications

Transforming Land, Transforming Lives

Co-authored report for the Lemon Tree Trust that details the work on UA and refugees.  From the introduction “At Lemon Tree Trust, we believe that urban agriculture –…

Academic and publications

Urban Agriculture for refugees and displaced people

Between 2015 and 2018 I worked in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) As a co-founder of the Lemon tree Trust, alongside Stephanie Hunt. Our team has helped…

UA and Refugees

Edible Map of Dallas

This page explores the Edible Map of Dallas, which covers 110 acres of central Dallas. The map explores the potential for urban agriculture in the neighbourhood, imaging food…

The Edible Map project