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Edible Walks form a specific part of the Edible Map project where the drawn map is complimented by a series of walks through the imaginary landscape of an “edible city”. These are wonderful moments for me where are get to spend time with residents and locals and explore their city through a two hour walk, were we can explore the idea of the urban edible landscape. They run only with the support of am institution, usually as part of a residency, largely because they are time consuming to organise and run.

Example walks 2010-2020:

2010: Hackney, East London, supported by Space Gallery.

2011: Hackney, East London, supported by Space Gallery.

2015: Central Newcastle, supported by Newbridge Gallery.

2015: Peterborough, support by The Green Backyard, and Metal Peterborough.

2019: Shieldfield, Newcastle, supported by Shieldfield Art Works.

Map Gallery

The map gallery features a selection of images, some high resolution, of maps, and other art work associated with the walks and events. if you copy and image…

Edible Map of Newcastle

From the 16th-23rd of May 2015 I exhibited the Edible Map of Newcastle, alongside limited edition plates, and a series of seven-day artist led walks, as part of the…

Walks gallery

A selection of images from various Edible Walks, including Hackney, Peterborough, Newcastle, Shieldfield, 2010 – 2019. Images, ©Mikey Tomkins, SAW, Julia Heslop, Sandra Keating

Costumes Gallery

Urban Wheat Guardian

The Urban Wheat Guardian, is one of two costumes and masks I have been making over 2020, the second is the Fish Spirit Catcher. The Urban Wheat Guardian…

RGS: Edible Map walk narrative and instructions

Below is the full description of the Hackney edible walk from the RGS Website. I was interviewed by the RGS who transcribed and edited by commentary as shown…

Fish Spirit Catcher/ Guardian of the Sweetcorn

These costumes below, as well as the wheat costume, were created to help explore questions around the cultural response to urban food production within my imaginary maps. For…

Edible Map of Shieldfield, Newcastle

  June 2019. As part of an exhibition at Shieldfield Art Works, Newcastle upon Tyne I  exhibited the Edible Map of the Shieldfield as well as running a…

Edible Map of Peterborough

The Edible City of Peterborough, UK This Edible Map focuses on the centre of Peterborough, UK. In the 1960s the Cambridgeshire town of Peterborough was designated a New Town. It now…

Press: Edible walk Newcastle

Newcastle Journal 2015 Could Newcastle’s rooftops become an urban farm? By David Whetstone A new project in Newcastle is envisaging a future where food is produced on urban…

Press: Guardian, Edible Walk Hackney

Guardian 2011 Edible Hackney More and more people are finding imaginative places for growing food in urban environments. Edward Platt reports.   The Guardian article is here

The Edible Map of Hackney

YOU ARE HUNGRY: MAPPING AN EDIBLE URBAN HACKNEY was the first Edible Map and walk that I created. The walks ran in both 2010 and 2011 and were…

Royal Geographical Society: Edible Map walk in Hackney

As part of the Discovering Britain series, The Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers) has published the Hackney Edible walk as a self-walk with audio guide and…

Publication: Footprint Journal. Issue # 10/11, Spring 2012

Flâneuring, Edible Mapping and Feeding Imaginations This paper discusses the edible map project and walks in Hackney, London, 2010-2011 Title of Paper: You Are Hungry: Flâneuring, Edible Mapping…


A new publication, due in February 2024, dedicated to the subject of urban food maps. Edited by Katrin Bohn and Mikey Tomkins, the book presents 26 chapters and over 200 maps that explore this emerging academic area of mapping food systems and practices in cities across the globe.

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