The map gallery features a selection of images, some high resolution, of maps, and other art work associated with the walks and events. if you copy and image please cite the original source.

I have some Edible Maps for sale for Hackney, Newcastle, Peterborough, Shieldfield, Bishop Auckland and Dallas. Each one is a lithographic print and they are A2 in format, available as either folded or rolled at a cost of £8 (including postage). Please email me at mikeytomkins at gmail dot com if you would like copies or preview jpegs. You can also see the maps in more detail on the gallery page. 

Central Brighton. A2 Single-sided, digital print, 2022

Shieldfield, Newcastle. A2 Single-sided, Litho print, 2019

Shieldfield map, showing covers.

Shieldfield map, exhibition, 2019 at Shieldfield Art Works.

Newcastle, front of map. A2 double-sided, 2015.

Edible Map and plates, exhibition, Newbridge Gallery, 2015.

Edible Map plates, Newbridge gallery, 2015.

Edible Map plates, Newbridge gallery, 2015.

Edible Map plate, set of three dinner plates, 2015

Dallas, Five Point, front of the map. A2 double-sided, Litho print, 2015.

Dallas, Five Points. A2 double-sided, Litho print

Bishop Auckland, 2018.

Edible Map, Croydon, 2009
Edible Map, Hackney, 2011
Edible Map, Peterborough, 2015