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In 2019, in order to explore the imagined landscape of an “Edible City”in more detail, I began to design and make a series of costumes around the concept of a near future vision of an everyday urban agricultural city. These costumed entities, who inhabit the productive urban landscape, helping to celebrate and protect our urban food harvests. Such costumes are common place in the folklore of the rural landscape and I felt that if we are to embrace urban growing and harvests, then the city would also need it own entities to create a sense of ritual around local food.

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Urban Wheat Guardian

The Urban Wheat Guardian, is one of two costumes and masks I have been making over 2020, the second is the Fish Spirit Catcher. The Urban Wheat Guardian…

Fish Spirit Catcher/ Guardian of the Sweetcorn

These costumes below, as well as the wheat costume, were created to help explore questions around the cultural response to urban food production within my imaginary maps. For…


A new publication, due in February 2024, dedicated to the subject of urban food maps. Edited by Katrin Bohn and Mikey Tomkins, the book presents 26 chapters and over 200 maps that explore this emerging academic area of mapping food systems and practices in cities across the globe.

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