Category: Quantitative Mapping

Overview of mapping methods

While in the last few years I have concentrated on the qualitative map of urban agriculture through maps, walks, and laterally costumes, I have presented here some of the quantitative mapping work that explores land availability and planned for UA.

Dallas, quantitative mapping for home and market gardens

There is a companion page to this post, which explores the quantitative work that was undertaken in Dallas. This post deals with the quantitative mapping, which is an…

Publication: Towards a London Edible Landscape

Title of paper: The Elephant and the Castle; towards a London Edible Landscape In: Urban Agriculture Magazine no 22. Building Resilient Cities pp. 37-38 June 2009 Abstract: Many urban…

The Edible Urban Landscape

From 2004 – 2006 I under took a large quantitative mapping project in south London. The purpose of this research was to answer questions about land availability in…


A new publication, due in February 2024, dedicated to the subject of urban food maps. Edited by Katrin Bohn and Mikey Tomkins, the book presents 26 chapters and over 200 maps that explore this emerging academic area of mapping food systems and practices in cities across the globe.

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