Thank you for visiting my website. This site brings together a wide spread of work, (including some film work pre-2004), and it explores the many facets of what…


My name is Dr Mikey Tomkins. I work across academic research and art practices within the field of urban agriculture (UA) both as theory and practice. The term…



The easiest way to find me is via a friendly to email mikeytomkins at gmail dot com  Also try Twitter: @edibleurban

Gallery of refugee gardens, Kurdistan

One of the main aims of the Lemon Tree Trust was to support home gardens for refugees. Below are a selection of images that show the wide range…

UA and Refugees

Publication: Cultivating refuge: the role of urban agriculture amongst refugees

Title of paper: Cultivating refuge: the role of urban agriculture amongst refugees and forced migrants in the Kurdistan region of Iraq Cultivating refuge: the role of urban agriculture…

Research and Academic


This website is a collection of works, began in 2004, what together explore the many facets of what is termed urban agriculture (UA), from quantitative mapping to creative…

Map Gallery

The map gallery features a selection of images, some high resolution, of maps, and other art work associated with the walks and events. if you copy and image…

The Edible Map project

Edible Map of Newcastle

From the 16th-23rd of May 2015 I exhibited the Edible Map of Newcastle, alongside limited edition plates, and a series of seven-day artist led walks, as part of the…

The Edible Map project

Presentations and exhibitions

September 2020, Conference, Royal Anthropological Institute Conference title: The Anthropology and Geography: Dialogues Past, Present and Future: Presenting two papers on Edible Maps and the use of maps…


Walks gallery

A selection of images from various Edible Walks, including Hackney, Peterborough, Newcastle, Shieldfield, 2010 – 2019. Images, ©Mikey Tomkins, SAW, Julia Heslop, Sandra Keating

The Edible Map project

Costumes gallery

Urban Wheat Guardian and Fish Spirit Catcher


Edible Map Plates

As part of the communal aspect of eating and sharing harvests, I have begun to develop the maps into plates. This is still a nascent idea but one…

The Edible Map project


SHIELDFIELD WHEATFIELD is an ongoing project in collaboration with Shieldfield Art Works, begun in 2018, with the aim of growing urban wheat in Shieldfield, Newcastle. The wheat would…

The Edible Map project

Urban Wheat Guardian

The Urban Wheat Guardian, is one of two costumes and masks I have been making over 2020, the second is the Fish Spirit Catcher. The Urban Wheat Guardian…

The Edible Map project

Films: urban agriculture and refugee camps in northern Iraq

These films made in 2016 and 2017, explores how various aspects of urban agriculture, from home gardens to market gardens help transform the refugee camp and enrich the…

UA and Refugees

RGS: Edible Map walk narrative and instructions

Below is the full description of the Hackney edible walk from the RGS Website. I was interviewed by the RGS who transcribed and edited by commentary as shown…

The Edible Map project

Fish Spirit Catcher

The Fish Spirit Catcher, is one of two costumes and masks I have been making over 2020. The second is the Urban Wheat Guardian, which forms part of…

The Edible Map project

Edible Map of Shieldfield, Newcastle

  June 2019. As part of an exhibition at Shieldfield Art Works, Newcastle upon Tyne I  exhibited the Edible Map of the Shieldfield as well as running a…

The Edible Map project

Dallas, quantitative mapping for home and market gardens

There is a companion page to this post, which explores the quantitative work that was undertaken in Dallas. This post deals with the quantitative mapping, which is an…

Quantitative Mapping

Edible Map Bishop Auckland, County Durham

Incredible Edible Bishop Auckland, County Durham. This map was drawn to support the launch of Incredible Edible Bishop Auckland, March 2019. The map focuses on the central part…

The Edible Map project