Between 2015 and 2018 I worked in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) As a co-founder of the Lemon tree Trust, alongside Stephanie Hunt. Our team has helped to developed various urban agriculture projects, including home gardens, small-scale commercial food practices, trees planting, and academic research. Urban agriculture should be seen as an essential part of any crisis response and designed into all refugee situations no matter how temporary we may first consider them to be. Furthermore, as camps stabilise from tent cities to accidental urban settlements, agriculture, gardens, and trees become essential practices to bring food production, shade, and permanency to streets and home gardens.

Full details can be found on the lemon Tree Trust website at

Market garden in Domiz refugee camp

A family garden made from recycled material

Raised bad area for women in Liberation garden, Domiz camp.

Home gardens, Domiz refugee camp, 2016
Small home garden, Domiz refugee camp, 2016
Extensive home garden, Domiz refugee camp, 2016
One tree makes all the difference, Domiz refugee camp, 2017