Incredible Edible Bishop Auckland, County Durham. This map was drawn to support the launch of Incredible Edible Bishop Auckland, March 2019. The map focuses on the central part of bishop Auckland and was commissioned to help promote the idea of local food production rather than for a set of walks. 

Text from the map:

“A vision for Bishop Auckland as an Incredible Edible town? This drawing is not a design to be implimented, it sets out a some of the potential spaces for growing food in Bishop Auckland, demonstrating that it is completely possible within the central part of the city by reusing rooftops, using space awaiting development, and growing food indoors under lighting for example. The necessity for this vision comes from the idea that cities can, and should, grow part of the food they consume, in order to reduce their dependence on imported food, creating beautiful urban spaces that are more resil-ient and community owned. Our future cities will not be the same as the ones we have today, yet one thing is constant: we will need to eat, and there is no practical reason why part of this food couldn’t be produced locally right here in the heart of the town.”


Close up of map
Key to food growing from map