These costumes below, as well as the wheat costume, were created to help explore questions around the cultural response to urban food production within my imaginary maps. For example, if urban areas start meaning food production, what cultural practices might develop around the cycles and rhythms of local food production? There are a great many events that celebrate rural life, its food production, its myths, and its rhythm. However, given that currently, most cities don’t currently grow food there is a dearth of stories or celebrations for a potential urban agriculture.

In this instance shown here, I imagine the Fish Spirit Catcher will wonder the street of a city using its net to catch the spirits of fish that are being produced in the surrounding neighborhoods. The clipboard, held in on hand is used to signify that quantification is important, but it must be balanced with the net that catches the spirits of the fish and thanks to them for providing us with food. The Sweetcorn Guardian help protect the long session crop of sweetcorn that can be grown to our wider expanses of land such as the edges of parks or larger gardens.  

The costume forms an accompaniment to the near-future vision of the Edible Map and walks.