Shown here are various posts which document some of the more visual aspects of the work, including the walks, map gallery, and the refugee gardens of Kurdistan. Unless stated otherwise, the images are © the author.

Gallery of refugee gardens, Kurdistan

One of the main aims of the Lemon Tree Trust was to support home gardens for refugees. Below are a selection of images that show the wide range…

UA and Refugees

Map Gallery

The map gallery features a selection of images, some high resolution, of maps, and other art work associated with the walks and events. if you copy and image…

The Edible Map project

Walks gallery

A selection of images from various Edible Walks, including Hackney, Peterborough, Newcastle, Shieldfield, 2010 – 2019. Images, ©Mikey Tomkins, SAW, Julia Heslop, Sandra Keating

The Edible Map project

Costumes gallery

Urban Wheat Guardian and Fish Spirit Catcher


Edible Map Plates

As part of the communal aspect of eating and sharing harvests, I have begun to develop the maps into plates. This is still a nascent idea but one…

The Edible Map project


SHIELDFIELD WHEATFIELD is an ongoing project in collaboration with Shieldfield Art Works, begun in 2018, with the aim of growing urban wheat in Shieldfield, Newcastle. The wheat would…

The Edible Map project