Wheatfield Shieldfield

S.A.W. raised beds
S.A.W. wheat planted around the main gallery
Milton Place planting, Newcastle
Shieldfield Wheatfield logo
S.A.W. raised beds

The next development in the urban food-growing project, in ShieldField, Newcastle, began March 2020 when over a four-day period a group of residents and SAW staff plant spring wheat. In total, around 20 square metres of wheat was planted in disused flower beds, and in specially constructed raised beds. We hope that this will yield enough wheat to bake around 20 community loaves to share at a Shieldfield harvest event in September 2020. The project required moving 6-tonnes of soil and constructing 7 raised beds. Despite the covid-19 situation, there was a good turnout from local students, residents, and people from Good Gym (https://www.goodgym.org/).

The excitement for me was seeing the edible map work from the previous summer turn into a realised food growing activity, which responds to the curiosity that many residents felt around whether it was possible to grow food in their neighbourhood.

Details about the project can be followed here, https://www.saw-newcastle.org/shieldfield-wheatfield/