The Edible Map of Hackney

Edible walk Hackney
Edible walk Hackney: Rooftop Apiaries of Benjamin Close
Edible walk Hackney: The vineyards of Regents
Edible walk Hackney: The empty spaces of Welshpool House
Edible walk Hackney: Pritchard's Row
Hackney Edible Map close up

YOU ARE HUNGRY: MAPPING AN EDIBLE URBAN HACKNEY investigates how much food can be grown on 25 hectares of south Hackney. The map is a way to visualise the sometimes complex idea of urban food growing, within everyday spaces of the city. Just what does an edible landscape look like? The map is, therefore, a vision, a provocation and an invitation to participate in making edible city space.

I led the original walks in 2010 and 2011 but sadly there are no more artist-led walks planned in the future.

However, the project has been taken up by the Royal Geographical Society as part of their Discovering Britain series.

Details here: “Bees, berries, and beans: An edible walk through Hackney”

You can still purchase a copy of the limited edition artist map An Edible Map of Hackney for £5 by emailing me directly mikeytomkins at gmail dot com. If it is for research I send a copy if you cover the postage cost.

Press: The Guardian