The Edible Map of Hackney

Edible Map Hackney
Edible walk Hackney
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Edible walk Hackney: Rooftop Apiaries of Benjamin Close
Edible walk Hackney: The vineyards of Regents
Edible walk Hackney: The empty spaces of Welshpool House
Edible walk Hackney: Pritchard's Row

YOU ARE HUNGRY: MAPPING AN EDIBLE URBAN HACKNEY investigates how much food can be grown on 25 hectares of south Hackney. The map is a way to visualise the sometime complex idea of urban food growing, within everyday spaces of city. Just what does an edible landscape look like? The map is therefore a vision, a provocation and an invitation to participate to making edible city space.

The project is both digital (click here for digital version) and a walk. I led the original walks in 2010 and 2011 but sadly there are no more artist led walks planned in the future.

However, the project has been taken up by the Royal Geographical Society as part of their Discovering Britain series.

Details here: “Bees, berries, and beans: An edible walk through Hackney”

You can still purchase a copy of the limited edition artist map An Edible Map of Hackney on or email me directly and I’ll send you a copy