Selected presentations, exhibition and conferences.

Anthropologists of Eating, 2018

Speaker at an evening panel discussion “The Gift and Vulnerability of Seeds”, urban agriculture with a screening of Seed: The Untold Story. Supported by British Land and organiased by Anthropologists of Eating

September 2015, Edible walks in Peterborough, UK

A seven day series of walks in Peterborough, Uk, exploring the cities potential for urban agriculture. Commissioned by The Green Backyard in conjuction with art organisation Metal’s harvest festival.

July 2015, Humanitarian Innovation Conference, Oxford University, UK

Presentation: Mapping for Humanitarian Innovation. Approaches and methods for mapping urban agriculture.

July 2015, Humanitarian Innovation Conference, Oxford University, UK

Presentation: Refugee communities in Dallas: Developing community based urban agriculture.

May 2015, Newbridge Gallery, UK

Exhibiting the Edible Map of Newcastle and artist led walks around the city as part of the Urban Organisms event May- June 2015.

May 2014, Hadlow Collage, UK

Future cities: designing for sustainability. Joint event between Hadlow College and Greenwich University. Keynote presentation on food and cities. I TOOK A BREAK IN 2013 TO COMPLETE PHD THESIS

March 2012, London, UK

Eco Build conference. Seminar: Sustainability & the City
Presentation Title: Mapping 25 hectares of edible landscape in Hackney

May 2012: Houten, Netherlands

Workshop on UA at the Makebijde architecture centre, Houten organised by Project Dig, Neatherlands.
Keynote speech on UA potential in Global North including qualitative analysis of how people use space in cities.

June 2012, Royal Geographical Society, London, UK

Royal Geographical Society launch event for the Discovering Britain series of walks around the UK ( Presentation of Hackney edible work. (

April 2011: Seixal, Portugal

International conference on urban agriculture and sustainability. Organized in partnership with the National School of Public Health, New University of Lisbon and Support Group for Sustainable Development of Agriculture’s Urban Agrarian School of Coimbra.

May 2011: Copenhagen, Denmark

Urban agriculture conference, Copenhagen House of Food. Keynote speech on UA in London and its potential

July 2010: UN, Rome, Italy

CSO Regional Consultation for Europe, Central and West Asia on FAO Voluntary Guidelines for Land and Natural Resource Tenure
Invitation to contribute on FAO voluntary guidelines for Land and Natural Resource Tenure.

October 2010, Brighton, UK

Event: AESOP (Brighton) 2nd European Sustainable Food Planning Conference
Presentation of PhD research on community food growing in London.

May 2009, Building Centre, London, UK

Urban agriculture exhibition entitled “London Yields”.Exhibited the Edible map of Croydon and the rooftop project The Garden in the Sky. Presentation of PhD research and closing event.

October 2009: Reading International Solidarity Centre

“Finding the plot: access to land for food growing groups in Urban Areas”. Organised by Women’s Environment Network and Local Action on Food. Presentation on quantitative mapping of urban space for food production.