The main subject of my work, whether academic, art based or practical, is Urban Agriculture (UA). The term UA describes the practice of growing food (vegetables, fruit, livestock and other products) within cities or dense human settlements, often produced intensively, to be consumed by within the same location. This may be as a response to a crisis but also adopted within planning as a strategy. Either way, UA helps to mitigate against crisis and prepare for dynamic shifts in climate,  and political or economic unrest.  It directly engages with built environments as potential food producing spaces including horticulture, beekeeping, new technologies such as indoor aquaponics or vertical growing, as well as support services such as education and sales.

I work across a broad range of practices, including beekeeping, aquaponics, working in the context of forced migration, and art practices such as map making, community engagement, and walking. The various maps on this site bridge the gap between academic work (which can often have a limited audience) and the everyday life of people within their own neighbourhoods. I am an Honorary research fellow at the University of Brighton, School of Architecture.

Please contact me at mikeytomkins at gmail dot com for any questions.

Growing wheat in Shieldfield, Newcastle

Urban beekeeping, London.

Small scale indoor aquaponics

Small scale indoor aquaponics

Small scale indoor aquaponics

Working in Domiz Refugee Camp Iraq © 2017 Photo by Dirk-Jan Visser
Newcastle residents on edible map walk, 2015