Edible Map of Peterborough

The Edible City of Peterborough, UK This Edible Map focuses on the centre of Peterborough, UK. In the 1960s the Cambridgeshire town of Peterborough was designated a New Town. It now has a rapidly expanding population of nearly 200,000. e cathedral to the east and the shopping centre to the west dominate the city centre. Peterborough would like to be more … Continued

Edible Map of Newcastle

From the 16th-23rd of May 2015 I exhibited the Edible Map of Newcastle, along side limited edition plates, and a series of seven day artist led walks, as part of the Urban Organism show at the Newbridge project, NewBridge Street, Newcastle. Over the week, over 100 people took part in 15 walks across the city centre (see … Continued

Edible Map of Dallas

  The Edible Map of Dallas was commissioned by Citizen D, and covers 110 acres of central Dallas. It explores the potential for urban agriculture in the neighbourhood, imaging food production is an everyday occurrence. The map forms part of the ‘visioning’ stage of the overall Citizen D project in Dallas that aims to develop, support, and create … Continued

The Edible Map of Hackney

YOU ARE HUNGRY: MAPPING AN EDIBLE URBAN HACKNEY investigates how much food can be grown on 25 hectares of south Hackney. The map is a way to visualise the sometime complex idea of urban food growing, within everyday spaces of city. Just what does an edible landscape look like? The map is therefore a vision, … Continued